How to Keep Your Home Safe While on Vacation

home safe while on vacation

Getting ready for vacation can be an exciting experience.  It helps to make the trip a reality as you plan and think about everything you’ll need to pack and bring.  Unfortunately, we sometimes tend to forget to think about and take care of the things we leave behind, unattended, such as our home.

To help you keep your home safe while you’re gone, we’ve put together the following guide.  These 6 tips can help you know that your home is totally safe while you’re gone, allowing you to enjoy your vacation fully.

  1. Hire a House Sitter

Finding and hiring a house sitter is the best way to help keep your home safe while you’re away.  Not only will the house stay inhabited which is safer than being empty, but a house sitter can help with many of the other items on this list.  With a house sitter, you will also save money by not having to hire a pet sitter or reserving a kennel.

  1. Install a Home Security System

Home security systems can be a great way to bring you peace of mind while you’re away from home.  Quality security systems can even be monitored from any location that offers internet service which means that you can even be half way around the world and still be able to watch your front door.  Even the signs and stickers that security companies supply you with deter thieves.  Houses with security systems are three times less likely to be broken into than houses without.

home security system

  1. Secure all Entries

This might seem obvious, but it’s actually quite common to forget to lock a window or door that you typically leave unlocked when you’re at home.  It might be a basement window or a back door, but either way, you are inviting burglars to an easy entry into your home.  Surprisingly, did you know that 28% of burglaries occur without the perpetrator having to break in?

  1. Don’t “Advertise”

In these days of instant information and social media, be careful not to reveal too much about your travel plans and dates. Only share details of your trip if you are 100% sure that your settings only allow friends and family to see what you’re up to.  It might be difficult, but try to keep the exciting news to yourself – even if this means NOT “checking in” on Facebook.

  1. Stop all Deliveries

It’s easy to stop your mail by filling out a quick online form or by stopping by your local post office.  However, it’s easy to forget to stop deliveries that are not delivered by the USPS.  Remember to skip deliveries that are scheduled for automatic delivery such as those from Amazon or medical supply companies.  Also, take note of any one-time orders you may have made that haven’t been delivered yet.  With these outstanding packages, you can either try to delay delivery of the package, or you can ask a neighbor or friend to pick it up from your front door.

  1. Unplug Electronics

Unplug all smaller appliances as well as TVs, laptops, and computers that don’t need to be running while you’re away.  This will both save you a bit on your electric bill as well as reduce the risk of fire.

Also, don’t forget to turn off or disconnect any electronic garage door openers.  You don’t want to be surprised to hear that a burglar opened your garage door while you were away by using a universal remote.   While you’re at it, turn down the heat on your hot water tank to save a bit more money.  Most tanks even have a “vacation” mode just for this reason.