Blue Ridge Thunder was created from a very obvious need we saw, to help parents protect their children from child predators.  As fascinating and helpful as the internet can be, it can be a very dangerous place for children.  Parents need solid, up-to-date resources, tips, and actionable strategies on the best ways to protect their children and grandchildren from these dangers. The dangers are not just on the internet.

Our staff is made up of professional parents and grandparents that have experience in how the internet works and we know how easy it is for children to end up in a place where they are not safe. We are dedicated to helping you reduce the risk of your children encountering these dangerous child predators by providing you with important information that will teach you:

  • How to spot child predators
  • Where child predators tend to hang out most often
  • How to open a dialogue with your children so you know who they’re talking to
  • What to do if your child is doing things on the internet secretly that can increase their risk of being contacted by a child predator
  • What to teach your children that will help them protect themselves
  • Who to contact if you encounter a child predator

These are just a few of the important things you will learn here.  The information and knowledge we share with you applies whether your children are 5 or 15, boy or girl.  Child predators are looking for one thing, an easy target that is unaware and unprepared.  Our goal is to make sure that you and your child or children are prepared and always aware.

Our mission is to help you navigate the internet and other potential contact points that child predators look for when they are searching for unsuspecting children and teens.  We want to empower you AND your children by ensuring that you have the right tools to avoid dangerous situations as well as the skills to get out of potentially harmful encounters as well.

Here you will find resources, articles, tips, and strategies that can be easily implemented into your children’s and your daily life. Child predators are real and they can be lurking anywhere; the internet, around your children’s school, at the park, and even around your home.

As parents, we can’t expect children to know how to spot these dangerous people without the right education and that is what we are all about. It’s not enough to tell your children once or even twice and then “hope” that they will listen.   The earlier you start this important education, the more protected your children will be.

In today’s society where “Catfish” is a term that means pretending to be someone you are not and then tricking others, you can’t be careful enough.  Our goal is not about instilling fear, it is about knowledge, confidence, awareness and most of all, being proactive.  You don’t have to wait until something happens before you do anything.  We’re here to help you stop it before it occurs.