Which One is the Child Predator?

child predators

Child predators don’t wear labels.  They don’t look like monsters.  In many cases they can even be someone the child knows such as a teacher, relative, sibling, or even a clergy member.  They can be online, pretending to be another kid on Xbox Live or Meet Me. They can be anywhere and they have one objective… to find an unsuspecting child or teen.

How much do you REALLY know about how to spot a child predator?  Does your child or children know what to look for?  Do you know who your children are interacting with online and off?

Blue Ridge Thunder provides you with the resources, information, and strategies you can implement today that will protect your children and more importantly, will help your children protect themselves.

Get started protecting your children by clicking on one of the boxes below. They will take you to important areas on our site that will give you the tools you need to increase your child’s safety and reduce the chances of a child predator coming in contact with them.

What We Are Trying to Accomplish

We want you to educate and teach your children about predators. We have four main goals and that is to educate you on how to protect you children in the following situations.

  1. How Online Predators Work
  2. How to Reduce the Risk of Online Predators
  3. How Offline Predators Work
  4. How to Reduce the Risk of Offline Predators

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